Start Where You Are: The Beginning

Myra, The Storyteller
My partner, Loeka has been pushing me for weeks to write an op’ed, write a newsletter, write a blog, write, write, write…And what do you think I’ve been saying.  “I will one day. I will as soon as I figure out how to start.”  And then I hear my words coming back at me, “start where you are”.  Now some of you may be laughing because you know I recently published my book Start Where You Are:  My Journey from Childhood poverty to Passionate Entrepreneur.   So I’ve decided to address the question, everyone may ask themselves at some point in their life, “Why should I start where I am?”  It is actually quite simple.  Start where you are because you cannot start anywhere else.  In fact, I will go out on a limb and say, you cannot start anywhere else.  Do you know anyone who started where they were not?  Can’t think of anyone can you?  Now unlike my partner, Loeka, I’m no genius but I do know this.  You cannot start where you have never been.  You can read about places you’ve never been.  You can even write about places far, far away.  But just try if you must to start somewhere you are not and you will experience what I experienced, disappointments, disagreements, and depression.  You see we all want something to change.   We want the economy to change.   We want our spouse to change.  We want our children to change.  The list goes on and on.  Heck, we want the candidates to changeBut what about wanting ourselves to change?   Do we ever hunger for change in ourselves?   Do you want a better you?   I learned that if I wanted a better ME, then there were three things I had to do and the first is start where you are?
I will cover more about my start as well as the second and third things I learned in future updates so  stay tuned.  You might just be surprised at what you learn. 

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2 thoughts on “Start Where You Are: The Beginning”

  1. I have known for many, many years that I had many "streams" of project ideas that I wanted to develop, but it was a matter of timing (always). After attending that 3D Veterans Bootcamp in August-Sept of this year (and coupled with other stream-flow timings), I know that now is the time to "dig a new well." But, I understand exactly what you are staying — even in that, I must start where I am and not where my ambitions and dreams "see me." My problem is to decide what "well" to dig first and how do I make sure I don't get too far away from the "first dig," so that the streams can be tributaries and not competing streams that threaten drought for one another. That's where the pre-planning must be carefully plotted, and that is what seems to "stop my first cracking of the ground" in this season. Does that make sense?

  2. Angel Dee, there is a reason why we start where we are? Only God know the beginning from the ending. What we think is the desired outcome may not be it at all. The surest thing is where we are so start there and God will do the rest.

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